Truck transport and forwarding

SM-transport spedition



Five times a week we provide a daily collection service from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria to Italy. We also provide collection services from Italy to Austria, the Czech and Slovak Republics.  We can transport anything from a few cartons to a variety of atypical shipments. The wagons are equipped with a three-sided folding tarpaulin for loading larger goods with a total loading volume of 90 – 100cbm.


OWN warehouses

We provide to our customers with our own warehouse facilities in Brno (CZ) and in the Atessa area (IT).Both warehouses have modern technology and experienced staff. We are able to tranship your goods virtually immediately or store your goods for short or long term storage.


Why should you choose us?

Specializing in Italy, we transport small and full-load shipments.


Our priority is to provide you with the most efficient and reliable transport possible.

We provide collection of goods and small consignments.

We offer the possibility of cross-docking (splitting shipments and delivering them to the end customer on the specified date).

Many years of practice and experience.

We provide freight forwarding services.



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